Beyonce’s song ‘7/11’ is terrible. Beyonce’s ‘7/11’ music video is amazing.

11.21.14 3 years ago

Fresh off of me slagging Beyonce's “7/11” as a song, here is the “7/11” music video. It is amazing. Here, watch it.

Beyonce is just like you. You are just like Beyonce. When you have a nice hotel room, you trash it, you dance in your underwear, you spill your drink, you wear the first piece of crumpled clothing you can find at the foot of the bed and rock it. When your girlfriends come in, you know your phone is out faster than you can say “Flawless.”

I have 100 favorite moments from this “homemade” masterpiece. Beyonce as a roomba. Beyonce as a Christmas present. Beyonce doing that jump-through-your-own-leg move and falling on her ass with a smile. That guy who's trying to escape the frame at 3:24. Phone foot. Undies pyramid.

She just had an intern to make her Precious Moments fresher. Fresher than you.

“7/11” is off of the platinum edition of the “Beyonce” album re-release, out Nov. 24.

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