‘Big Brother’ recap: Boogie and Frank fight to win the Power of Veto

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 So, Shane made his power move, placing Frank and Boogie squarely on the block. Whether or not he’ll really get rid of one of them, of course, is a bigger question mark than the one on that weird ball machine that showed up on Sunday. Frank has had more comebacks than Sylvester Stallone, and Boogie is, well, Boogie. For them, this isn’t over until the fat lady sings, goes on “Biggest Loser,” wins the competition and gets her own inspirational talk show. 

But that doesn’t mean Frank and Boogie aren’t upset about Shane’s big move. Frank is devastated to be on the block again, but Boogie is pissed. He thinks Shane’s an idiot, because there’s a chance Boogie and Frank will stay in the game — and Shane’s made himself a massive target. Well, yes, that happens whenever you’re HOH, doesn’t it?
Still, neither Frank nor Boogie thinks it’s all Shane’s fault, as I think they believe Shane is a little simple minded. Frank thinks Britney’s behind it, so they decide to interrogate Shane. Who came up with this? Reveal all, Shane! Shane tells them several sources suggested he was going to be on the block if they won HOH. Boogie makes the point that Frank HAD won HOH the week before and didn’t put him on the block, so that’s just silly. Shane begins spinning wildly. There’s a machine with balls in it and a question mark! Boogie wonders if he knows something the rest of the house doesn’t. He might! Well, no, he doesn’t, but there’s a machine with balls in it and a question mark! 
Frank and Boogie keep pressing, and let’s just say we should all be glad Shane isn’t operating behind enemy lines anywhere. Shane finally says Joe suggested Boogie and Frank be put on the block. This is, of course, not convincing, so the interrogation continues. Shane squirms and slithers and isn’t really making sense. Shane finally points a finger at Britney. Boogie informs Shane that Britney is no longer his coach, so he shouldn’t trust her. Besides, Boogie doesn’t like women, so he’d prefer to kick out another blonde, if it’s all the same to Shane.
Boogie tells Shane that they can still be good friends — as long as he fixes his behavior. You know, as long as he saves them both from elimination. Boogie knows Britney’s really the one to blame, after all. I can’t imagine Shane would suddenly think he can have a real alliance with Boogie and Shane after all that’s gone down, but then, Shane’s been something of a blithering idiot in what we’ve seen this evening, so I can’t count it out. 
Shane rushes to tell Britney what’s happened before she can hear it from someone else. He wants her to know he didn’t completely throw her under the bus, even though he did. Britney isn’t thrilled with this. I don’t know why she cares, as Frank and Boogie are playing the game by themselves — if the Quack Pack can hold it together, they have nothing to worry about. But hey, why not tear at your alliance, you two?
Britney, in a panic, tries to convince Frank and Boogie she didn’t target them. Boogie and Frank aren’t buying it. They’re happy to play nice with Shane, but not Britney for some reason. But suddenly, the focus shifts. Britney got her information from somewhere… but where? Dan! They try to get her to point the finger of blame at Dan, but Britney won’t do it. 
Afterwards, Britney pulls Shane aside and tells him she had to endure a verbal beat down from Frank and Boogie because he threw her under the bus. Finger pointing and deflecting starts in earnest. Why does he have to get his hands dirty? Why does she have to take the blame? Whine, whine, whine! They snipe back and forth about who’s the bigger target. At this moment, I almost want both of them to go home, as I’m so annoyed that they had the guts to make a power move and are now turning to jelly at the prospect of executing it completely. 
Boogie tries to get Dan to confess to pushing for the current nominations. Dan won’t do it. That’s not good enough for Boogie, who is looking crazy-eyed and hysterical, which doesn’t seem to bother anyone as much as it should. Time to have a group meeting with Frank, Shane, Britney, Dan and Boogie. Boogie wants to know who targeted him and Frank! Britney doesn’t want to break confidence. Frank wants to know what Dan said! Stop being coy, Boogie says to Dan. Dan says he didn’t target them, but Boogie doesn’t believe it and neither does Frank. 
Dan manages to play it cool until everyone but Britney leaves, but only until then. Dan is close to not being able to protect Ian any longer. He was getting blamed for something he didn’t do! Why is everyone cowering under Boogie’s interrogation? They’re five against two. Two. Hold it together, Quackers! 
Time to pick the players for the veto competition. Shane, Boogie and Frank are obviously playing. Shane draws Jenn’s name from the bag. Boogie selects houseguest choice, so he picks Ian. Frank also gets houseguest choice, and selects Ashley. Boogie and Frank are thrilled. It’s just a bunch of losers, plus Shane and Frank! Whoot! Shane chooses Danielle to host. 
It’s a candy competition, and Ashley is thrilled. She loves candy! Oh, Ashley, you have to COUNT the candy, not eat it.
Ashley, as usual, is approaching the challenge with her own technique. She is using the picture method. Which means she looks at things and sees pictures and then counts them and… is Ashley special needs? 
The first round… Frank gets a point, and Boogie is eliminated. Everyone else stays in the game. 
I am still thinking Ashley might be special needs. 
Second round — Frank gets ANOTHER point, and Jenn is eliminated. Third round, Shane wins a point and Ian is eliminated. Boogie can’t understand why Ian didn’t just fold! He needs him to keep his head in the game! Mwahahahaha, Boogie.
I have to say, I had felt Ian was floating through the game rather pointlessly, but in the last week or so he’s proven himself to be an impressive little schemer. While I don’t think he’s a very convincing liar, he’s managed to snow Boogie effectively. Of course, Boogie has underestimated Ian’s game play and overestimated his loyalty, so he’s not looking for a tell.
Fourth round, Ashley gets a point and Shane is eliminated. Frank wins the veto. If Ashley had stayed in the competition, she would have won. Either she wisely ducked the veto, as it would have been too much pressure, or she’s simple minded. I am really hoping Ashley reveals herself to be an evil genius, because that would be so much better. 
With Frank safe, it’s time for Boogie to go into action. He wants to rally the floaters and then make Shane put Dan on the block. Easy peasy! 
Boogie puts on his crazy eyes and tells the floaters that Dan is their greatest threat. Jenn thinks he’s right! They must target Dan! Is there a hypnosis segment I’m missing? Boogie then works on Britney. He’s sure he can convince her he’s a nice guy and she should do his bidding. He might have to cry, as Britney is an astute young woman. He actually said that, by the way. Thank God, Britney is not entirely dim and thinks the tears are a bit over the top. 
Boogie has a pow wow with Shane. Dan is dangerous player! Put Dan on the block! Shane nods. This is such a good idea! I really hope Shane is just playing along with Boogie. Boogie thinks Shane is an idiot and will do what he wants. I realize Boogie has good reason to underestimate the competition given how things have played out up to this point, but I think he needs to start paying attention. 
Oh, goodie, time to vote for the have-not eats. The options are as follows:
Mozzarella and matzo
Cheddar and chipotke
Feta and fennel
Honestly, none of those sound awful, really. 
Time for the veto meeting. Frank takes himself off the block. And Shane nominates… Jenn. So, Shane nodded and smiled and let Boogie think he was going to be able to kick Dan out while nothing could have been further from the truth. Oh, this is too much fun.
Does this mean Boogie could be going home? Boogie doesn’t think so. After all, he just needs a few votes, since he already has Frank and Ian in the bag. Oh, Boogie, you have been played by the kid. It’s taken long enough for some of the other hamsters to start playing strategically, but I can’t wait to see how this plays out. As we know, the pawn always go home, but this one could finally be a nail biter.
Who do you think is going home? If Boogie goes, do you think Frank will be able to survive in the game? Do you think Shane’s big move will come back to haunt him?

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