‘Big Brother’ recap: Can McCrae save himself?

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It’s a special eviction episode of “Big Brother”! And “Big Brother” winner Ian is back! It’s chaos, people! Quick, run into the streets and knock over a liquor store! BURN SOMETHING! It’s crazy! Oh, wait. Sorry, there have just been so many “special” episodes of “Big Brother” I’m starting to feel a little faint from the non-stop adrenaline pump. 

Spencer is HoH, and as we know, Gina Marie and McCrae are on the block. Gina Marie weeps and rends her clothing in an attempt to make McCrae think she’s the target instead of him. Um, sure. Spencer thinks she’s laying it on a little too thick, and though I understand why everyone is trying so, so hard to convince McCrae he’s safe, I just think they may better use that time sorting socks or, alphabetizing the canned goods or something. 

Of course, the Exterminators do know that despite all their efforts McCrae could win the veto, and that leads to uncomfortable questions. “So, if McCrae does get the veto, who will you put up as a replacement nominee, Spencer?” “Judd!” he says, WAY too quickly.  Judd’s a little pissed Spencer never even considers putting up Andy. I’m not sure, if I was picking someone to take to the final two, if I would choose Andy or Judd. Both are well-liked, though I guess Andy is a little more uncoordinated in physical challenges. 

Judd finishes up his torturous workout regimen, and Gina Marie and McCrae are allowed to put away the friendship bracelet now that McCrae has learned WAY too much about her menstrual cycle. 

Time to assure McCrae he’s safe even though he isn’t! Andy doesn’t give a shit about losing either Gina Marie or Judd. Okay, I’m interpreting a bleep here, but I think that’s a pretty accurate reading. Spencer and Andy flap their lips, but McCrae knows it’s crap. You can NEVER relax through a veto competition at this point if you’re on the block — and even if you aren’t. This lesson will be hammered home shortly. 

Finally, it’s time for the Veto Competition, and fittingly enough everyone gets superhero costumes because… well, because the hot dog and fish costumes are probably all worn out. Ian, the winner of season 14, floats down from the sky, says a few words, watches the competition, then leaves. Thanks for dropping in, Ian! God forbid you offer insight or analysis! 

Anyway, the hamsters have to fly back and forth between a buzzer and a puzzle board, and get back to the buzzer every 20 seconds or risk their board becoming de-magnetized. 

McCrae is REALLY close to winning, then doesn’t get back to the buzzer in time and loses his entire puzzle. Judd is losing his cool. He decides to drop out and coach Andy through the competition. Spencer thinks Judd is being an idiot, as he should be helping him and not Andy. Judd, even if you screw up, never give up! Bad form! 

And then, McCrae wins it. Well, we knew that was likely. This seems like one of those challenges that exists in McCrae’s wheelhouse, and clearly, Judd wasn’t trying very hard. The Exterminators are sweating already. It’s time for them to turn on one another.

Gina Marie goes to talk to Spencer. What’s going to happen? WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN? Spencer says he’s going to be honest with her — he wants her to stay over Judd. And not because she wraps her legs in plastic wrap and wears a towel over her haunches. That’s just a bonus. No, he’s pissed that Judd quit trying during the veto, and I can’t blame him for that. Gina Marie is pissed! She’s more worthier than Judd, to use her words! 

Next, Judd. Spencer assures Judd he wants him to stay. Judd suggests he put up Andy. Uh, no, Spencer says. Because Andy is so lousy at challenges? Judd decides he’s going to start raising hell. He goes into the kitchen and knocks stuff over. He paces. He snorts. He’s so mad! He flips off the camera. Glad he can’t go out and knock over a liquor store! 

It’s a shame to see Judd go home so soon after getting a second chance to play the game. I would think he’d be able to keep his cool in part because he got a break from the tension of the “Big Brother” house. Having a fit seems to be a tradition on “Big Brother,” but I hate to see him do this and I can’t see any upside, unless he wants to prove to the folks back home he shouldn’t be allowed a gun license. 

The veto ceremony. McCrae uses the veto on himself, and Spencer picks Judd as the replacement nominee. Everything we expected, blah blah blah. The ceremony is almost over — then Judd jumps up and says he has something to say. He tells McCrae he was an ally, but then he felt McCrae was a part of the reason he was sent home, so he came into the house and decided to go after him and he’s still after him. What? Even Gina Marie thinks he’s stupid for doing this, because he’s definitely not getting one of the two votes he needs. Le sigh.  

Time for the live eviction ceremony. McCrae and Andy will be voting. Gina Marie addresses her housemates. She thinks her fellow hamsters are family forever and ever. Wow, those are some hot pink heels! Judd tells Andy and Spencer he’ll take them to the final three. Oh, and he tells McCrae he’s gunning for him. Stop talking, Judd. It’s just unsettling at this point, because I think you think this is game play and it’s kinda more like shooting yourself in the foot. 

Andy votes to evict Judd.

McCrae votes to evict Judd.

So, Judd’s going home. Gina Marie cries. Judd tells McCrae he put something in his Bible. Oh, THAT sounds intriguing! 

Julie Chen, of course, asks exactly that question — what DID he whisper? Nothing about the game, just something to encourage him. Seriously? Oh, come on! That’s absolutely no fun. He also tells Julie he’s rooting for Gina Marie to win. She’s an awesome game player and very loyal, which is something he wouldn’t have said a few weeks ago. 

Do you regret betraying Elissa? Nope! Judd thinks working with her is impossible. “You can be on her side one minute and she’s your target the next!” Have fun with her in the jury house! 

Why do you think you got bounced tonight, Judd? Judd thinks the other Exterminators trust Gina Marie more than him. 

Goodbye messages. Gina Marie sends love. Spencer apologizes. McCrae also apologizes. Andy cries. He’s so proud to have been an Exterminator with him! Judd laughs. He’s never seen a guy cry so much. Well, that’s true. 

Before Julie sends him packing, Judd says he just hopes the girls don’t scratch his eyes out in the jury house. Definitely a possibility! They’re bored AND they’ve had time to sharpen their nails!

Time for the HoH Competition! This is a big deal competition, of course. Whoever wins this is safe into the final three, and you certainly can’t say that for anyone without the HoH at this point. It’s called Before or After, and requires that each hamster determine if an event happened before or after another event. 

Everyone gets the first question right. Gina Marie is the only one who gets the second one right. The third question everyone gets right. Everyone gets the fourth question right. Everyone gets the fifth question right. McCrae is the only one to get the sixth question right. THE LAST QUESTION. Andy is the only one to get the sixth question right. A three-way tie! Andy wins. This should be fun! I expect vacillating, waffling and tears. Lots and lots and LOTS of tears. 

Who will Andy nominate? Who are you rooting for? Who do you think is next to go?

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