‘Big Brother’ recap: Will Amanda survive a double eviction?

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It’s the 500th episode of “Big Brother,” and a double eviction episode. You know, as many times as Spencer has been on the block (a record-breaking seven!), I’m almost rooting for him to win the whole thing, just for kicks. Or at least “Big Brother” should give him a complimentary chair. Really, I’m amazed he’s survived this long as a pawn. 

Still, Spencer has faith he won’t go home. Don’t get too comfortable in the chair, Spencer! That’s when you have to worry!

Amanda accuses Gina Marie of being jealous. Gina Marie makes the point that, hello, McCranda is showmance and a threat. “That doesn’t make sense!” Amanda counters. “It’s like talking to a four year old.” What? Gina Marie is pretty logical, if you ask me. Allowing a showmance to survive means settling for third place, barring a stroke of luck. Why so many hamsters have seemed to be okay with this for this long boggles the mind. 

But wait! Amanda is not done yet! She has a pitch for Elissa. Yes, Elissa. And Elissa is listening. No, you’re not imagining this. Two people you would never, ever, ever expect to form an alliance just may be doing exactly that. 

Elissa’s considering keeping Amanda in the game because she trusts Amanda and McCrae more than she trusts Spencer and Gina Marie. Amanda is SO happy. I will say, this was a smart, strategic move by Amanda, one that must have required a massive amount of sucking it up. Honestly, good for her. The fact that Elissa is able to not have a knee-jerk reaction to it, also impressive. This is kind of genius. Too bad Andy is playing both sides of the fence and their Big Move won’t be very big at all. 

Amanda offers all of her jewelry as collateral, and Elissa offers her wedding ring. Okay, that’s pretty serious. Andy walks in on them as they negotiate, and Elissa tells Andy about their final four deal. He looks like he’s going to pass out. If he votes to get rid of Amanda, he’ll be suspect number one! Oh no! Really, how long does Andy plan to pretend he’s in every single alliance in the house?

McCrae tells Amanda not to get her hopes up, though. It is hard to believe this is happening, but it’s kind of refreshing to see these two thinking of the big picture instead of petty grievances. 

Of course, Andy tattles and tells the Exterminators about Elissa’s plan. Andy won’t vote Spencer off, so he’ll just have to frame Elissa for voting against Amanda. I don’t think that will work given the jewelry exchange, but whatever. Of course, I’m assuming all of the jewelry swapped is real and wasn’t bought at K-Mart shortly before the show began. Although man, that’s what I would do if I were a hamster on this show. 

McCrae worries Andy isn’t going to stay true. Ding ding ding! But Amanda says he’s 100 percent down! Oh, Amanda. 

Julie announces to the hamsters that it’s the 500th episode. Yay! And it’s a double eviction. Boo!

Time to plead cases to the increasingly empty house. Spencer, as you might expect, is getting pretty good at this. Maybe his next job should revolve around public speaking. He gives shout outs to the family, love to the hamsters. Amanda tells the hamsters she loves them and wants to stay. 

Time for the live vote. 

Judd votes to evict Amanda.

McCrae votes to evict Spencer.

Elissa votes to evict Spencer. Gasping from the audience. Really? Wedding ring must be real, people!

Andy votes to evict Amanda.

It’s a TIE. Gina Marie’s vote will break the tie, so Amanda is still going home. Which Gina Marie announces by slapping on her little hat and telling Amanda to get moving. 

“I thought I could trust you,” Amanda says… to ANDY. Yeah, Andy. Well, she figured that out pretty quick. 

Time to talk to Julie! Amanda tells Julie she doesn’t know what happened, but she thinks Elissa gave her some real collateral. And yet, she wanted the rest of the house to think Andy voted for her by calling him out to protect him. What? She really thinks Elissa went back on her promise?

Julie points out that she was called a bully. Was it all strategy? Oh, no! She hates bullying! She says that from the outside, people can’t tell what’s going on in the house. She was just honest. I think that was honestly bullying. But she does admit that she bullies Elissa. 

Julie asks Amanda if she has regrets. Amanda thinks she could have been nicer to people. No kidding! Her bubby rampage could have not happened. Bubby rampage? I am guessing that did not make the telecast, but now I am very curious. 

As for McCrae, she admires his personality. Everyone loves him! The future? He’s planning on moving in with her in Florida. So… this is real? Well, as we know, “Big Brother” creates more lasting relationships than “The Bachelor,” so hey, maybe they’re gonna make it after all. 

Messages! Elissa tells her Amanda she voted to keep her. Gina Marie tells her her ass just got exterminated. Andy confesses he voted with the Exterminators, and it isn’t personal. McCrae tells her it will really suck for him if she’s gone and he loves her. 

Julie asks Amanda if she’s mad at Andy. Well, she should be. I know Andy is being strategic by playing everyone in the house, but I suspect this will come back to haunt him. 

It’s time for another HoH competition. I’m exhausted. I suspect McCrae is going to go hard to win. They challenge is for the hamsters to dig up two bones and deposit them in a dog bowl, retrieve a key and buzz in first. 

And McCrae is the first one to find a bone. Elissa is next. Judd is third, followed by… no one? Wait, McCrae has found his second bone. He wins HoH easily. 

Well, THIS will be interesting. If he’s smart, he’ll take down someone from the Exterminators. Probably Gina Marie. And, of course, put up someone else from the Exterminators against her. Like Andy. 

Not a lot of time for negotiating, especially because everyone is out of breath. 

Time for the live nominations ceremony. I am so curious to know what could have been accomplished in a commercial break! Not much, I’m guessing. 

McCrae nominates Gina Marie and Elissa. What? Oh, McCrae. You might have had a chance creating an alliance with Elissa. Now, you’re on your own.

And, another commercial break. 

Time for the power of veto competition. It’s the BB 500, in which the hamsters must race to a track to move a car through a maze. Andy might be in the lead. Or might not. Julie then announces that this might be neck and neck for everyone. Judd wins it. I doubt he’s going to use the veto, right?

And another commercial break. I bet CBS loves these double eviction episodes. 

There is so much swearing, there’s not much to hear during the “negotiations.” 

Time for pleading. Elissa tells Judd she had no knowledge if his initial backdooring. Gina Marie tells Judd she didn’t know either, but Elissa did. I guess there was a little bit of negotiating, but none of it useful or current. 

Judd decides not to use the veto anyway. So, Elissa is probably going home. I hope Elissa gets her wedding ring back from Amanda in the jury house. Are we going to revisit the jury house next week? Because I am REALLY interested to find out how everyone is doing. And whether Candice has smothered Aaryn in her sleep. 

Elissa pleads her case, which is that she’ll do anything and align with anyone. Gina Marie tells everyone she’s loyal to the death. And she’s a hard worker. This isn’t a job interview, Gina Marie.

Spencer gladly votes to evict Elissa. Gladly? Why the hate? 

Judd votes to evict Elissa.

Andy ecstatically votes to evict Elissa. Ecstatically? Okay. 

Elissa goes to get her bag, then walks out without hugging anyone. “Love you, Elissa,” Judd says drily. This time, not as funny. 

Time to talk to Julie! Elissa thinks McCrae voted Amanda off because Andy looked so shocked. Julie looks at her like she’s slow. I guess Amanda will have to clue her in. I am wondering if Amanda and Elissa will become besties in the jury house. It could happen. Maybe. 

Elissa was so excited to have this opportunity, and she just wanted to use her head instead of her emotions. She made it to week number ten, which was better than Rachel’s first “BB” attempt, but did her sister offer any advice?” She told me to play with my heart and not get my emotions involved, and try to make deep connections and form alliances, and make two week deals instead of entire season deals.” So, play with your heart AND not get emotionally involved. What does Elissa think playing with her heart means? Like, yanking it out of her check and using it in a ball-throwing challenge?

Julie shuffles Elissa off, and just like that we’re down to the final four — which is an unlikely group by any measure. If someone had asked me in week one if Gina Marie, Spencer or Andy would last this long, I would have laughed and laughed. McCrae, well, he did win the first HoH. Even without Amanda, I still think he’s a definite threat. 

Let’s eavesdrop on the house guests! Who are swearing too much for us to hear anything. Anyway, the hamsters have a lot of time to switch around alliances and make Big Moves. But how much do we care about who’s left? 

Who do you think will get cut next week? Who do you think will win? And how do you think things are in the jury house? 

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