‘Big Brother’ will have 2 heads of households this season

06.18.14 3 years ago

“Big Brother” will have 2 heads of households this season
Julie Chen says that four contestants will be up for eviction each week as a result of the new twist, which won't guarantee that a HOH is safe from eviction. Producers will also use a “Battle of the Block” competition to shift power in the house, and fans will be able to influence what goes on via a “Team America” twist.

Showtime orders “Roadies” from Cameron Crowe and J.J. Abrams
The rock “n” roll tour comedy series will also involve “My So-Called Life” creator Winnie Holzman.

Adam Levine: “I”m not going to lie to you, I think there are problems” on “The Voice”
The Maroon 5 singer tells Rolling stone: “Millions . . . watch the show every week and fall in love with a singer, then you don”t hear much from them. We haven”t had a breakout success like Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood.”

Aaliyah”s family has hired a lawyer to block Lifetime”s biopic
The family is miffed that it wasn”t contacted about the movie, and family members intend to block Lifetime from using any of her music.

AMC will marathon every “The Walking Dead” episode starting on the 4th of July
The “Dead, White and Blue” will lead into the “Talking Dead Season 5 Preview Special” airing on Sunday, July 6.

China”s Community Party: “House of Cards” shows how widespread corruption is in the U.S.
Party”s Discipline Inspection Commission published an article yesterday on the Netflix series, saying, “Are these plots real? Is America that corrupted? In fact, if you dive deep into these issues, you will discover that the corruption problems in developed Western nations such as the U.S. are widespread.”

“Vikings” adds 3
New additions for Season 3 include the Emperor Charles of France and his self-possessed daughter.

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