Blake Lively teases Star Sapphire in ‘Green Lantern’

04.02.11 6 years ago 3 Comments

SAN FRANCISCO – Blake Lively is getting this comic convention thing down.  After a quick debut with the rest of the “Green Lantern” team at the one and only Comic-Con last July, Lively stepped in front of eager fans once again at this year’s San Francisco WonderCon.  And she had little to fear.  As Lively noted as she walked the press line afterwards, the reaction was more “celebration than interrogation.”

As Carol Ferris, Lively plays not just the love interest, but the effective boss of Ferris Aircraft pilot Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds – aka Green Lantern).  In the comic books, Ferris eventually becomes a powerful hero of her own, Star Sapphire.  It’s already been hinted by members of the “Lantern” production team that the film will have numerous Easter eggs for fans to look out for.  While it’s assumed Ferris won’t become Sapphire this time around, I asked Lively if there were any hints of her character’s violet colored future and she more than complied. 

To find out where to look for Sapphire in “Green Lantern” and Lively’s other thoughts about the potential blockbuster, check out the video interview embedded in this post.

“Green Lantern” opens nationwide and in IMAX on June 17.

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