Block and tackle: ‘Suicide Squad’ gets Lego treatment

08.05.16 1 year ago

Suicide Squad is already on its way to killing at the box office despite getting murdered by critics. But regardless of whether you”re a disappointed movie reviewer or an enthusiastic fanboy/fangirl, one thing we can all agree on is Lego-izing a film is always a good thing.

This is exactly what YouTuber Forrest Whaley did, taking the anti-superhero trailer and remaking it with the plastic blocks you remember from your youth. The end result is a stop-motion marvel (actually, let”s not mention marvel) featuring Harley Quinn, Joker and the rest of the ne”er-do-wells.

Whaley is sort of an expert at Lego-ing superhero movies. He”s done the same treatment for Batman v Superman, Iron Man, Avengers and Dark Knight among others. The Suicide Squad video, which has been out only since August 2, already has nearly 350,000 views.

Check it out below…

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