Bon Jovi is king of the road for 2010

12.15.10 7 years ago

Mel Evans/AP

Bon Jovi tops this year”s list of  biggest money makers on tour, grossing $146.5 million from their 69-show Circle outing.

It marks the second time in the past three years that the rock act has landed at No. 1, according to Billboard. The band got a bit of an unexpected boost from second place act U2, which had to cancel its North American summer tour due to Bono”s back injury. Otherwise, U2 may have topped the list.

In a year that touring hit major roadblocks–Lilith Fair or Christina Aguilera, anyone?–veteran acts continued to do well, and one particular newcomer also managed to crack into the upper reaches. Festivals, which provided tremendous bang for the buck, thrived in the tough economic climate. But overall, it was a brutal year. In North America (from the 11,555 shows reported to Billboard, touring grossed $2.1 billion, down 26% from last year. Attendance dropped 24.4% to 38 million.

Below are the Top 10 tours of 2010 (Billboard measures the year as November 2009-November 2010)

1. Bon Jovi, $146 million
2. U2, $131 million
3. AC/DC, $122 million
4. Lady Gaga, $116 million
5. Black Eyed Peas, $81 million
6. James Taylor & Carole King, $62 million
7. Eagles, $62 million
8. Metallica, $61 million
9. Dave Matthews Band, $61 million
10. Paul McCartney, $55 million

Tim McGraw came in at No. 13 for the top country artist tour, while Taylor Swift came in at No. 15.

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