Bono Wears Another Hat: NY Times Editorial Writer

01.09.09 9 years ago

Does he ever sleep? As if being a member of one of the most successful rock groups ever and trying to erase third world’s debt weren’t enough, Bono is now a card-carrying member of the fourth estate: Starting this Sunday, he will write editorial pieces for the New York Times.

According to a statement from Andrew Rosenthal, editorial page editor of The New York Times, “[Bono] is an extraordinary man who thinks deeply about his art and the major issues confronting the world. His writing will reflect that.”

Normally, we’d sneer at the Old Grey Lady getting in bed with a rock star as simply a ploy to up the hipness quotient of the New York Times. This move is definitely that, all right, but the simple fact is that time and time again, Bono has shown that he really has a strong grasp of the issues he addresses and that in a way that is almost uncanny, he’s just as comfortable sharing his sunglasses with the Pope as chatting with the late arch conservative Senator Jesse Helms. If having a superstar use the New York Times as a platform to encourage a dialogue on things that really matter and affect change, we’re all for it.

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