Box Office: Ben Affleck’s ‘The Town’ makes the grade over ‘Easy A’ for No. 1

09.18.10 7 years ago 3 Comments

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Well ladies and gentlemen you don’t have Ben Affleck to kick around anymore.  The “Good Will Hunting” Oscar winner had a big fall from grace over the last decade, but has slowly eased his way back to a reasonable level of popularity with the American moviegoer.  After this weekend’s results for “The Town,” which Affleck also directed, the comeback is pretty much complete.

With a surprisingly strong $8.3 million, “The Town” found itself at No. 1 on Friday for what could be a $21-23 million weekend.  That’s a big comeback from pre-release polling only two weeks ago which predicted a $15 million or so debut.  Marketers love to tell reporters that critics don’t matter, but the strong reviews for the thriller must have had some impact on the strong results (as well as a large last minute media buy increase).  It should also put Affleck back on the radar, not completely mind you, as a legitimate leading man option across town.

In second place was another critical hit, “Easy A,” with $6.8 million.  The comedy could get a teen boost on Saturday, but even so it’s looking at a $18-20 million debut for the three-day.  That’s a tad under what Screen Gems was expecting as some polling services predicted up to a $30 million debut.  However, “Easy A” should have very good word of mouth, but early predictions of the comedy making $80-100 million overall seem severely optimistic at this point.

The M. Night Shyamalan produced “Devil” found just $4.9 million for what could be a $10-11million weekend. 
With mixed reviews though, it won’t be in theaters for long.

“Resident Evil: Afterlife” had a massive drop to fourth place with $3.0 million and a new cue of $39.9 million.  And for those playing along at home, that’s about a 70% drop from last Friday.  Ouch.

“Alpha & Omega” opened in fifth was only $2.6 million and a hopeful $8 million estimate for the full weekend.  That’s somewhat scary considering the higher 3-D ticket prices tied to the critically lambasted animated flick.

Look for updated box office results Sunday on HitFix.

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