Box Office: Has a ‘Dragon’ taken the fire out of ‘Kick-Ass’?

04.18.10 8 years ago

After last weekend’s unexpected comeback by “Clash of the Titans” over originally announced box office champ “Date Night,” Hollywood isn’t taking any chances with another photo finish on deck.

“How to Train Your Dragon” has had pretty amazing holds since it opened last month dropping only 14% last weekend, but now the DreamWorks Animation release may have accomplished the improbable. Since debuted at No. 1, “Dragon” has found itself in the third slot the past two weeks.  If the film’s $20 million estimate for the weekend pulls through on Monday, “Dragon” will have returned to No. 1 in its fourth frame, an incredibly rare feat in this day in age. Four weeks in, “Dragon” has grossed $158 million domestically.

“Dragon’s” gain, however, would be “Kick-Ass'” loss.  The R-rated thriller is looking at around $19.7 million for the weekend, but could easily top “Dragon” when the final receipts are in.  Considering $1 million or so of Friday’s $7.6 million take were from midnight shows, the flick’s Saturday gross of $7.2 million is solid, but overall its below industry expectations that found the action flick making anywhere from $25-30 million.  Lionsgate reportedly only paid $25 million for U.S. rights, but the film will have to play to garner a sequel.

Not far off in third was Tina Fey and Steve Carell’s “Date Night.” The rom com has a current projection of $17.3 million for the weekend which would bring the Fox title to $49.2 million in just 10 days.  However, considering that Fox insanely estimated last weekend’s gross, it stand to take this figure with a grain of salt.  At least until Monday.

Further behind in fourth was the disappointing opening of “Death At A Funeral.”  The Screen Gems comedy seemed poised for a $20 million opening, but managed just $17 million.  Studios constantly say they don’t believe in reviews, but this might be one case where critics opinions just weren’t strong enough to pull in those on the fence about this Chris Rock ensemble comedy.

In fifth was last weekend’s topper “Clash of the Titans” with another $15.7 million and a new cume of $132.9 million.  The controversial 3-D adventure should find itself with $160-170 million by the time it finishes its theatrical run.

Stay tuned for weekend actuals tomorrow on HitFIx.

Next weekend debuts include “The Losers” and “The Back-Up Plan.”

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