‘Breaking Bad’s’ Emmy victory: ‘A scrappy, hard-earned, communal triumph over an imperious, well-funded newcomer’

08.26.14 3 years ago

“Breaking Bad”s” Emmy victory: “A scrappy, hard-earned, communal triumph over an imperious, well-funded newcomer”
As Spencer Kornhaber points out, “'True Detective' had arrived fully formed and built to win awards, bringing Oscar-level talent, a presumption of significance, and a hunger that no show ever had. Its impact was blockbuster-like. Even the memory of its underwhelming finale has faded, replaced by deafening casting speculation not unlike that which usually surrounds, say, an upcoming Marvel-movie installment. 'Breaking Bad,' on the other hand, was a distinctly TV-ish story of success in increments.” PLUS: Why Bryan Cranston deserved to beat Matthew McConaughey, why “True Detective” lost, and why HBO made the right decision to put “True Detective” in the Best Drama category.

The Emmys are stuck in 2011
“If you believe everything written lately about television by its critics and outspoken fans,” says Hank Stuever, “the shows have never been better – especially the newer ones. But if you watched Monday night”s 66th Primetime Emmy Awards, you saw that the medium is stuck in a loop where it”s always the late-middle of 2011. TV viewers are moving forward at a voracious pace – this year”s Emmys, not so much.” PLUS: Nearly every winner had previously won, Ranking the Emmy acceptance speeches, Which Emmy loser was best at faking happiness for the winner?, Why rush the winners at the end?, “True Detective” director Cary Fukunaga became declared an “Emmys Crush,” Emmy voters stopped Netflix-something networks couldn”t do, how Jon Hamm”s beard was groomed, Aaron Paul”s wife”s website crashed after he mentioned it in his acceptance speech, Emmys censored Robin Williams' punchline, and Seth Meyers DM'd “Weird Al” Yankovic on Twitter a few weeks ago — they cut the “True Detective” song.

Seth Meyers” opening monologue was great yet terrible
“The thing that Seth Meyers did that was very tricky in his monologue is that he wasn”t mean,” says Kevin Fallon. “He did not turn the Emmys opening into a roast, which is something that we”ve become a bit accustomed over the years. That might explain why his schtick-sort of a bemused truth-telling about the industry that bordered on way too insider-y-didn”t seem to go over as riotously as your typical Ricky Gervais-Seth MacFarlane-Jimmy Kimmel brand roasting. But it was smart. Welcome to the Smart Emmys, Meyers seemed to be saying, which is about as polarizing a greeting you could give at one of these things.” PLUS: Meyers brought a breezy charm to his hosting duties, Meyers left the “very funny” meanness to Jimmy Kimmel because nastiness becomes tiresome during a long awards show, and Amy Poehler took half a second to upstage Meyers.

Sofia Vergara slams critics who cried sexism over her rotating pedestal Emmys bit
“I think its absolutely the opposite,” Vergara told the press backstage. “It means that somebody can be hot and also be funny and make fun of herself. I think it's ridiculous that somebody started this – I know who she was – who has no sense of humor (and should) lighten up a little bit.”

Seth Meyers took the Ice Bucket Challenge immediately after finishing the Emmys
Watch Meyers get drenched off stage. PLUS: “Downton Abbey”s” Michelle Dockery screamed at her Ice Bucket Challenge.

“The Simpsons” mural unveiled in Springfield, Oregon
The Oregon town on Monday asserted itself as the only and only Springfield from “The Simpsons.” PLUS: See more photos, including of “Lisa Simpson” Yeardley Smith.

Check out Geena Davis on “Grey”s Anatomy”
Here are her first pics from the set.

“SNL” alum Phil Hartman gets a Hollywood Walk of Fame star today
Sixteen years after his tragic death, Hartman”s star will be presented today by his brother and his former “SNL” castmate Kevin Nealon. David Spade is also expected to be on hand.

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