Brooks & Dunn call it quits and plan ‘the long goodbye’

08.11.09 8 years ago

Brooks & Dunn, the most successful duo in country music history, have announced they are hanging up their spurs with next year’s Last Rodeo tour.

Ronnie Dunn and Kix Brooks posted this simple message on their website Monday afternoon:

To Our Fans:

After 20 years of making music and riding this trail together, we have agreed as a duo that it’s time call it a day. This ride has been everything and more than we could ever have dreamed …. We owe it all to you, the fans. If you hear rumors, don’t believe them, it’s just time.

We will release our “#1s … and then some” on September 8th and come see you all one more time in 2010, with The Last Rodeo Tour (dates to be announced).

Brooks & Dunn

Until Sugarland came along a few years back (and only after they acrimoniously parted way with Kristen Hall to go from a trio to a duo), Brooks & Dunn’s supremacy went virtually unchallenged for 15 years in country music. For example, the pair was named CMA’s country duo of the year consecutively from 1992-2006, except for one year when Montgomery Gentry snuck in. I remember I’d watch B&D try to look surprised when they won, when the simple fact was there was no one who remotely came close to toppling them.

From the beginning, Brooks & Dunn, who were individual songwriters before then-Arista Records head Tim DuBois suggested the combine forces, were a hit. What seemingly started as a marriage of convenience became so successful that there was no reason for either side to want out, although they seemed to have little in common other than the ability to create hit songs.

Indeed, their first album, 1991’s “Brand New Man,” spawned four No. 1s. The duo went on to have a total of 20 charttopping singles and while its days of having four or five No 1s off of every album may have gone by, Brooks & Dunn were still routinely reaching near the top. Last single, “Indian Summer” peaked at No. 16 last month.

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