Bryan Fuller teases ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ alien but when do we get a cast?

08.09.16 1 year ago

Bryan Fuller's latest tease into the world of his new CBS All Access series Star Trek: Discovery features an alien makeup test. We know quite a bit about the project so far, what we don't know is who will be in it.

The new series is set to premiere January 2017 and David Semel was recently announced as the director of the first episode. We found out what the official name of the series means to Fuller and that the show would be streamed on Netflix outside the U.S. (Bell Media for Canada). We also got our first look at the new ship.

But yesterday, Fuller took to Twitter to give us something new. A small look at a makeup test.

Many fans are saying this looks like an Andorian (The Andorians were a founding member of the United Federation of Planets) and it very well could be. Or not. I have more important questions like…


The 50th anniversary of the franchise is coming up on September 8 and Mission New York, a new Trek fan convention, is happening just a few days before on Labor Day weekend. My best is that's when we'll get the announcement but the wait is figuratively killing me. All we've heard so far is Fuller is intending on following the tradition of having a diverse cast. “I think the progressive audience that loves Star Trek will be happy that we”re continuing that tradition,” he said.

With that in mind, all I can do now is think about which of Fuller's past actors could potentially join him once again. Rutina Wesley? Jasmine Guy? Chi McBride? Hettienne Park? Gina Torres? Laurence Fishburne? Ok done. Show cast.

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