Bye Amy Poehler: ‘SNL’ finds a new Hillary Clinton in Mother’s Day skit (maybe)

05.11.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

It's been a little under six years since “Saturday Night Live” had one of its finest moments, skewering the 2008 presidential campaign so impressively that it might have affected the outcome (well, maybe).  As time passes, most people just remember Tina Fey's jaw-dropping impression of Sarah Palin (neither of them may have recovered from it yet), but how quickly we forget Amy Poehler's spot on Hillary Clinton.  In fact, Poeler's impression was so good that Clinton even stopped by to appear with her in a skit.  

The 2016 election won't really get kicking for another year or so (whew), but “SNL” is clearly setting up who will play Clinton this time around (assuming she runs again as many expect).  This time Vanessa Bayer steps up to the plate to play the former Secretary of State.  She joins Sasheer Zamata in a Mother's Day show opener where Clinton and Michelle Obama get more and more competitive with each other as the skit goes on. Strangely, Bayer actually makes Clinton look younger than Poehler did, but let's face it, the former “SNL” star's 2008 incarnation is a lot to live up to.

What did you think of Bayer's Hillary and Zamata's Michelle?  Watch the clip and let us know in the comments.

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