Can Benedict Cumberbatch Solve Murray-arty’s ‘Sesame Street’ Puzzle?

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02.04.14 2 Comments

Continuing the tradition of celebrity cameos*, PBS just released this clip featuring Benedict Cumberbatch of ‘Sherlock’ fame. In the bit, Murray –  known here as Murray-arty for the purposes of maximum ‘Sherlock’ puns – seems to have Cumberbatch confused with his more famous BBC alter-ego. A distinction that can be lost on Muppets and fans alike.  Despite not being the World’s Greatest Detective Batman Sherlock Holmes in real life, Cumberbatch sets out to solve the brain-bending puzzle put forth by Murray-arty. Can he figure it out in time?

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*For which the mothers/fathers/caretakers of preschoolers all over the world thank you. Mindless edutainment for kids goes down easier when there is adult eye candy presenting it.

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