Can Harrison Ford tell when a young actor has ‘It?’ On ‘Ender’s Game’ and more

10.30.13 4 years ago

LOS ANGELES – Harrison Ford is practically surrounded by kids for his latest role in “Ender’s Game” so, utilizing what he knows about success throughout his career, can he tell when any one of them has what it takes to succeed in Hollywood in the long run?

The iconic actor talked to HitFix during the promotion of the sci-fi film, and he said it really rattles down to a mature combination of attitude and being game.

“The attitude toward the job is what you sense right away. Even with a young child if they can focus, if they can be emotionally available, if they’ve got a bit of work ethic and talent, you see that right away,” he said, mentioning that the “Ender’s” cast that includes Asa Butterfield and Hailee Steinfeld had “enormous commitment.”

So much of the film is spent in “outer space,” and thus plenty of green screen to literally go around. Ford had a lot of trust that the technical team would make much of the movie magic in post-production, but as far as feeling comfortable with its success, he’s just got to wait. “Everything’s going to be fine…” he said, “by the third weekend.”

Watch the rest of our interview with Ford, on his own formula for long-term success, “making yourself useful” and more.

“Ender’s Game” opens in theaters on Friday (Nov. 1).

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