Can Psy’s new song ‘Gentleman’ top ‘Gangnam Style?’ Listen

04.12.13 5 years ago

Hey sexy lady, can lightening strike twice for Psy? Or will the South Korean performer”s lasting legacy in the U.S.  be the ridiculously popular “Gangnam Style?”

“Gentleman,” which was officially released today, features a similar galloping electronic track that made  “Gangnam Style” such a hit, although it’s not quite as catchy, and I really, really don”t need to hear a bespectacled, be-suited Psy saying in fractured English, “I”m gonna make you sweat, I”m gonna make you wet.” Whoa there, Nelly…

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The English catch phrase this time is “Mother, Father, Gentleman.” I think…

The U.S. success will depend totally on the video and if it features a new dance to get us through the summer. If he comes back with something that catches the zeitgeist against, he could be a two-hit wonder, but it”s not likely.

However, in South Korea, where he”s already a superstar, the song”s success is a whole other story…in fact, it”s a cultural touchstone.  As you, of course, know, South Koreans are a little concerned about the very high tension between North and South Korea (and the U.S., for that matter), but they are easing their worries by listening to “Gentleman,” apparently. According to the AP, “Gentleman” garnered the most searches on Internet portals.

The song was released in 119 countries today.  The video will come out on Sunday.  The original S. Korean “Gangnam Style” video has  received, hold on, more than 1.5 billion page views on YouTube.

What do you think of “Gentleman?” 

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