Can ‘Sons of Anarchy’ have a future past Season 7?

and 10.29.13 4 years ago

(CBR) Is there enough story left in “Sons of Anarchy” to continue past the show”s planned seven-season run? That”s the question posed to creator Kurt Sutter during a recent interview: With so many balls in the air for the members of SAMCRO to field, is it possible that seven seasons simply isn”t enough to wrap up the tragic tale of the Teller-Morrow family?

“There”s so many factors that determine whether a show continues or not,” he said. “I came up with the initial awareness that if this show was being done in sort of the same production model that “The Shield” was in – and I knew that “The Shield” had about seven seasons. And I knew that at that point the show ultimately begins to eat itself and becomes more expensive to make. So I thought if we could get a full run I could tell the story I wanted to tell in seven seasons. And I knew by the end of this season [six] I”d have a sense of whether or not I”d be able to do that, and I still think I can.”

“But look, I think if I got halfway through this season or at some point next season I felt like I couldn”t finish it, I”d probably be able to have a conversation with the network,” he said. “I think after seven seasons I don”t know if we can maintain the rhythm and the pace that we”ve done, and I wouldn”t want to extend it and have it become something that it”s not. So my plan is still to finish it out in seven.”

Take that as you will: Sutter says the seven-season plan remains in place … but I wouldn”t be surprised to hear news about an eighth season, or perhaps a final season split across two years, ala AMC”s “Breaking Bad” and “Mad Men” model.

[Source: Deadline]

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