Cannes: Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce and…uhm, Paris Hilton hit ‘The Rover’ premiere

05.19.14 4 years ago 2 Comments

AP Photo/Alastair Grant

You gotta give her credit: Paris Hilton is still trying damn hard to be noticed.

The sub-Kardashian socialite was an unexpected guest at the Cannes premiere of Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce's “The Rover” on Sunday night, with the sometime-actress striking a pose or two for the photogs before presumably scurrying off to the next red carpet without actually watching the film.

Luckily, Pattinson and Pearce (you know, the actual stars of the movie) were on hand for the big event as well, along with director David Michod (whose last feature was the critically acclaimed 2010 drama “Animal Kingdom”).

After clicking through all the glitzy photos below, you can check out Drew's review of the film here.

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