Catching My Breath

09.17.10 7 years ago

Marcia McWeeny

We’re still basically only halfway through the month.  A little more than halfway, actually, since it’s the 17th, but it feels like the halfway mark for me since I’m writing coverage of two different film festivals this month, and I’ve just finished the first of them.

That is to say, I’m back in Los Angeles.  I’m not really done with the Toronto Film Festival, and I won’t be until I write those reviews next week.  I’m planning things right now so the last review I publish will be on Wednesday, and it will be for “Stone,” one of the two Overture titles that are playing in both Toronto and Fantastic Fest.  It seems like the perfect way to pass the baton from one to the other, and I’ll also be running a long-promised Michael Giacchino profile that day as well.

This weekend, though, I’ve got a few more Midnight Madness reviews for you, as well as a very special “Saturday Night At The Movies” about the Toronto influence on the show.  And then next week, we’ll hit it hard on Monday and Tuesday.  You can expect to read about Woody Allen, Hillary Swank, Sam Rockwell, Jacques Tati, French animation, amateur underage magicians, Nicole Kidman, dead kids, sexual perversion, crazy people, Errol Morris, Werner Herzog, the state of American education, Jonathan Ames, Kenny F’ing Powers, Jody Hill, Edward Norton, Gemma Arterton, ABBA, Michael Caine impressions, family squabbles, Sarah Silverman, Alicia Witt, Rainn Wilson… again… and the worst film I saw at the festival.

It’s going to be an amazing week, and then we’re into Fantastic Fest, and I’ve just started working on my schedule for that festival.  It’s such an amazing slate of things I’m hoping to see while I’m there, but let’s get through all of the above before we even get into it.

I have a feeling I’m going to start thinking of September as Christmas if this is the way it feels every year.  It’s amazing so far, and even if I could use a good ten hours or so of uninterrupted sleep, I’m enjoying it, and I hope you are, too.

Let me know how you enjoyed (or didn’t) the Toronto coverage, and what you want out of Fantastic Fest.

I aim to please.

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