CBS dams up ‘Three Rivers’

11.30.09 8 years ago 9 Comments


Alex O’Loughlin’s return to CBS was even briefer than his first stint.

CBS has pulled “Three Rivers” from its schedule effective immediately, moving “Cold Case” into the 9 p.m. slot. The 10 p.m. slot will be occupied by procedural repeats, starting with “NCIS: Los Angeles” this coming Sunday and “Criminal Minds” the week after.
For the time being, CBS is only describing “Three Rivers” as “on hiatus,” a pretty meaningless description. 
The series is expected to complete its 13 episode order (8 have aired), but it’s unclear if any additional episodes of “Three Rivers” will make it to air. It’s also unclear what CBS will air in the place of “Three Rivers” in the spring, though the retooled version of “Miami Trauma” is the most likely and most available midseason replacement (because replacing one failed medical procedural with a second would make total sense).
CBS sent “Three Rivers” to series in large part due to the conviction that O’Loughlin would bring his “Moonlight” fanbase (and more) to a sturdier series in a studier time slot. Instead, “Three Rivers” was heavily recast and heavily reshot before premiering to dismissive reviews and lackluster ratings. While “The Amazing Race” has enjoyed a strong fall season, boosted by NFL and “60 Minutes,” “Three Rivers” has regularly squandered much of that lead-in.

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