CBS orders female secretary of state drama pilot ‘Madam Secretary’

01.27.14 4 years ago

CBS orders female secretary of state drama pilot “Madam Secretary”
“Joan of Arcadia” creator Barbara Hall will pen the script of about a female secretary of state, from producer Morgan Freeman.

“The Mindy Project” books Jenna Dewan-Tatum

She’ll play a character who has a history with Danny.

Shonda Rhimes was “a tiny bit pissed off” she won the Directors Guild’s diversity award
“We’re a little pissed off because there still needs to be an award,” says the “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal” honcho. “Like, there’s such a lack of people hiring women and minorities that when someone does it on a regular basis, they are given an award.”

Fox creates a special voicemail for “The Following”

Tonight’s episode includes the phone number (917) 829-4091.

ESPN “hit-maker” may become the “Today’s” new boss

Jamie Horowitz, the brains behind shows like “First Take” and “Sports Nation,” is reportedly set to bolt ESPN to become senior vice president of “Today.” Would this mean “Today” would tackle more controversial opinions?

“HIMYM” should’ve given The Mother more than 1 episode to tell her story
“How Your Mother Met Me” was a terrific yet frustrating episode.

Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard are boycotting magazines that publish paparazzi celebrity baby pics
“Children shouldn’t be stalked,” tweeted Shepard.

ABC orders “Fresh Off The Boat,” about a Chinese family that moves to Orlando

The comedy pilot is from “Don’t Trust The B-” creator Nahnatchka Khan.

Here’s your Winter Olympics guide to NBC’s coverage

Coverage begins Thursday, Feb. 6 — one day before the opening ceremony.

“The Fosters” getting a web series
“The Fosters: Girls United” will follow the residents of the Girls United group home. PLUS: How has “The Fosters” avoided the “pitfalls” of other gay shows?

Jay Leno is saying all the right things — he deserves to exit with dignity
“It sucks getting fired from a job you love, regardless of how wealthy you are, and especially if you find your identity in your work, as Leno clearly does,” says Jeff Jensen. “Leno deserves a dignified exit – and Leno needs to put himself in a position where he can exit with dignity.” PLUS: Leno needs to lie better about his “Tonight” exit, and Leno would sit on Letterman’s couch, if asked.

Bobby Moynihan recalls the 14-month audition (and rejection) process to get on “SNL”
Before landing on “Saturday Night Live,” Moynihan was a bartender at Pizzeria Uno. Moynihan first auditioned in mid-2007 before joining the show in September 2008.

Jezebel OK with how “Girls” portrayed its female-oriented website

“I think Hannah’s description of Jezebel, sarcastic or not, falls in line with how a lot of people view this site-which is probably why they get so pissed off when they eventually realize that Jezebel is not a place of unconditional support of women just because they’re feminists,” writes Tracie Egan Morrissey.

What it’s like to attend a televised “Bachelor” wedding
Guests weren’t allowed to sit down for much of the broadcast. PLUS: Guests didn’t get the “grown sexy” theme, and former “Bachelor” Andrew Firestone welcomes his 3rd child.

“Orange is the New Black” posts behind-the-scene pics
The Netflix show spent the weekend updating its Instagram account.

“The Simpsons” takes on Google Glass
On Sunday’s episode, the dangers of Google Glass are explored when Mr. Burns hands out “Oogle Goggles.”

January Jones is now Instagramming
Vanity Fair calls the “Mad Men” star’s Instagram account “surprisingly great.”

Here are 4 more ’80s shows NBC should remake
From “L.A. Law” to “Golden Girls.”

Watch Ellen’s latest Oscar promo

She’d like to thank the Academy.

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