Celebrate Barbra Streisand’s Birthday With This Insane PSA

04.24.14 4 years ago

Barbra Streisand is 72 today, and she's probably celebrating it flawlessly. Have you seen “What's Up, Doc?” recently? It's one of the great comedies featuring one phenomenal comic performance from Barbra. Pick it up! 

Or, if you're feeling lazier: Watch this unbelievably insane PSA from the 1970s starring Barbra as a spokesperson for the Retarded Children's Association. You read that right. All I can say is times have changed since the '70s, but not nearly enough time has passed to justify the ludicrous connection drawn between Barbra's signature song and the children she's talking about. This is just a shocking ad when revisited in 2014, and it's also the reason we have the internet. God bless Barbra and God bless you if you survive this clip.

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