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02.03.12 6 years ago

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Every day brings a little more Madonna our way. Tonight, we got the track listing for “MDNA,” which comes out March 22.

It”s hard to decipher anything from titles alone, but there are plenty of names here that sound like they could be raves, including “Turn Up The Radio,”  “I Don”t Give A,” and “Girls Gone Wild.”

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There also seems to be some self-flagellation and confession going on with titles like “I”m Addicted,” “I”m A Sinner,” and “I Fucked Up.”

The standard edition features 15 songs. The deluxe edition, which is available for pre-order on Friday (3), has 18 tracks.

The full audio and  video for first single, “Give Me All Your Luvin”,”  premieres on Friday as well, but on Thursday night we got a little taste during “American Idol.”  The video clearly plays into the Super Bowl theme with both Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. acting as cheerleaders (surrounded by cheerleaders in white masks), while Madonna, clad in a trench coat and pushing a pram, ditches the baby and the coat for a little black number as the faceless football players claw at her.

On Friday, Madonna will be inescapable. Clear Channel Entertainment will blast the single from 95 of its 850  radio stations, while the video will air on electronic billboard and online outlets. CCE president Bob Pittman, who was head of MTV in the ’80s when Madonna broke big, told the Associated Press that it was a “firstof-its kind, multi-media premiere.”

Below is the track listing for “MDNA,” followed by the video snippet of “Give Me All Your Luvin”.”

Are you ready for Madonna and some football? Only two more days before her Super Bowl half-time extravaganza!

“MDNA” Track Listing

– Girls Gone Wild
– Gang Bang
– I’m Addicted
– Some Girls
– I Don’t Give A
– Turn Up the Radio
– Give Me All Your Luvin’
– B-day Song
– Superstar
– I’m a Sinner
– Masterpiece
– Falling Free
– Love Spent
– I Fucked Up
– Beautiful Killer

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