Chelsea Handler Says ‘SNL’ Blew Her Off Twice

10.09.14 3 years ago

Chelsea Handler has a new standup special on Netflix called “Uganda Be Kidding Me,” which also doubles as the name of her new book. The talk show hostess just gave an interview in which she opens up about (among other things) two times “SNL” said they were booking her as a host and bailed without another word.

She explained to HuffPost Live, “They said, 'You're gonna host.' I was doing Radio City Music Hall that night. I had three sold-out shows at Radio City Music Hall. I went over, I met with whoever was working with [Lorne Michaels] — [producer] Marci Klein was working for him at the time. They're gonna hate that I'm talking about this right now, but I really don't have a problem with that. So they said, 'Oh, we have to have you host.' My agent called, he said, 'You're hosting 'SNL'. They're gonna give you a date in the fall.' And then it never happened.”

And then the same slight occurred again! Listen to her tell all in the clip below. The “SNL” discussion begins at about the 25-minute mark. (NSFW, language, and even a bit of nudity!) 

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