Childish Gambino admits to an awkward threesome on new song ‘The Worst Guys’

12.03.13 4 years ago

UPDATE: Stream “Because The Internet” in full on iTunes.

Childish Gambino’s sophomore album “Because The Internet” drops in a week (Dec. 10) and he’s teasing it out with new songs and a tracklist. Listen to his latest song, “The Worst Guys,” below and check out the tracklist below that.

The former “Community” star, who acts under the name Donald Glover, hasn’t abandoned his love of theatrics. On “The Worst Guys,” he paints a picture of a wild life filled with women, not all of which he can fully satisfy. Chicago emcee Chance The Rapper — whose 2013 self-released mixtape “Acid Rap” made a lot of year-end lists — guests on the hook. Rapper Azealia Banks and R&B singer Jhene Aiko also appear on “Because The Internet.”

The spaced-out, chillwave beats on “The Worst Guys” are similar to another new song, “Telegraph Ave.,” which is included below. Listen to the new album’s catchy first single “3005” here.

The 19-tracks on “Because The Internet” are divided into different scenes such as “The Library” and “The Party,” and further broken into acts. Glover recently told Billboard that the album will be accompanied by a screenplay he wrote. Glover said he’s focused on promoting and touring for “Because The Internet,” which he didn’t have time to do for his last album “Camp,” and is also writing a comedy series for FX tentatively titled “Atlanta.”

Here’s the tracklist for “Because The Internet”:

1. The Library (Intro)
2. I. The Crawl
3. II. worldstar
4. Dial Up
5. I. The worst guys (feat. Chance The Rapper)
6. II. shadows
7. III. telegraph (“Oakland” by Lloyd)
8. IV. sweatpants
9. V. 3005
10. Playing Around Before The Party Starts
11. I. The Party
12. II. no exit
13. Death By Numbers
14. I. Flight of The Navigator
15. II. zealots of stockholm (free information)
16. III. umm
17. I. pink toes (feat. Jhene Aiko)
18. II. earth: The oldest computer (The last night) [feat. Azealia Banks]
19. III. life: The biggest troll (andrew auernheimer)

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