Choose your own adventure in Broken Bells’ interactive 3-D ‘October’ music video

08.12.10 7 years ago

Broken Bells’ James Mercer and Danger Mouse took fans on a trip to a distant galaxy with Christina Hendricks in their last music video for “The Ghost Inside.” Now, they’re taking you on a new adventure, to a different dimension.

The music video to “October” is in 3-D and allows users to shoot light through space, a kaleidescope, math equations, old televisions, constellations and other such images. The interactive journey is captured and stored on the band’s site, for further posting.

Click here to watch — and intercede in — “October.” Be warned, it takes a little for the page to load.

It was completed with the help of Flash developer Richard Lehmann and illustrator Matthew Hollister. Pretty neat.

Broken Bells are on tour overseas now, and have scheduled three U.S. shows, in Los Angeles, Austin and New York on Oct. 6, 9 and 11, respectively. 

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