Chris Evans may star in lean, mean revenge thriller ‘Motor City’

08.02.11 6 years ago

AP Photo

Warner Bros. and director Albert Hughes are teaming up on the spartan revenge film “Motor City,” with the possibility of Chris Evans taking on the starring role, according to
Based on a script by Chad St John that was featured on 2009 Black List of best unproduced sceenplays, “Motor City” centers on a low-life criminal who is framed and wrongly imprisoned. After his release, he does what any movie character would do in the situation: He goes out for revenge. What makes the tale unique though, is the fact that the script features only one solitary line of dialogue (which would actually make it a monologue).

Producer Joel Silver (“The Matrix”) has apparently sent the offer out to Evans, currently riding high on “Captain America” and, next year, “The Avengers.” Twitch also reports that Joel Edgerton (“The Warrior”) and Jeremy Renner (also in the upcoming “Avengers”) are being considered as alternates.

WB is aiming for a January 2012 start date on the film.

Hughes, who along with his brother Allen, co-directed “Menace II Society,” “From Hell” and “The Book of Eli,” recently left Warner Bros.’ live-action remake of the anime classic “Akira.”

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