Internet dudes unhappy with Chris Hemsworth’s ‘Ghostbusters’ character don’t understand satire

04.27.16 2 years ago

From the first Ghostbusters trailer, it was clear director Paul Feig was set to flip the script on gender tropes. At least when it comes to Chris Hemsworth's Kevin. Thanks to a new featurette we have a better idea of just how much fun they plan to have with him.

In the first Ghostbusters trailer, Hemsworth's Kevin was shown once but didn't even get a speaking line. In the international trailer, he was hired solely on his looks. Sound familiar? Probably if you've watched, oh, any movie or television show ever because that's how female characters (particularly “secretaries”) are treated a lot of the time.

In celebration of Administrative Professionals Day, Sony released this new look at Hemsworth's character.

The cast has nothing but praise for Hemsworth's comedic performance, something he's been slowly branching into with Vacation and hosting Saturday Night Live. But how does this satirical depiction sit with some people?

One YouTube user wrote, “This movie needs to fail hard so this sort of stereotyping can die,” and was presumably serious. Another seriously wrote, “If they made a mainstream comedy and it had Megan Fox (or whoever is a gorgeous actress in your mind) spit into a coffee and then a pervy male character drank it, women would be rightfully going crazy calling it (and men) disgusting.?” And yet another felt the need to spread their profound thoughts into separate lines to really drive it home:

Just you TRY to tell us the original was more sexist.

Just you BLOODY TRY.

Janine was treated respectfully.

Janine had brains.

Janine was IN CHARGE with her relationships.

Janine was as snarky as anyone else could be.

This? Is THOR minus whatever brains THOR had left.



It's almost as if they don't get it.

My new official reaction image for internet weirdos. And yes, for the record, Janine was f*@$king awesome and did not give a sh*t.

In all honesty, I wouldn't go about insulting Kevin's intelligence. He's a Beautiful Cinnamon Roll Too Good For This World, Too Pure.

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