Chris Nolan admits he got a James Bond film out of his system with ‘Inception’

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One of the more intriguing aspects of Christopher Nolan’s new thriller “Inception” is how the film references other movies or memorable cinematic moments.  Audiences may pick up the subtle nods in a “Bourne” like chase through Morocco, a Michael Mann-esque heist sequence and, in particular, an extended action scene that constitutes one of the picture’s “dream layers.”  This “layer” features enemy agents chasing our heroes through snow capped mountains on snowmobiles while trying to protect a ’70s to ’80s-esque cement secret headquarters.  If that sounds a little James Bond to you, Nolan doesn’t disagree. 

During a press conference for “Inception” this morning, HitFix asked Nolan if filming this portion of the film’s “dream” in this style helped get the urge to shoot a James Bond film out of his system.  Nolan laughed and replied, “Quite a bit of it yeah.”

Nolan also revealed he didn’t set out to have so many cinematic references in the picture — in fact, one to Marion Cotillard’s Oscar-winning role as Edith Piaf in “La Vie en Rose” was a complete coincidence — it just was a natural part of referencing a dream-like world.

“When you look at the idea the idea of being able to create a limitless world and use it as almost a playground for action and adventure and so forth, I naturally gravitate to cinematic worlds whether its the Bond films or things like that,” Nolan says. “So, without being too self-conscious about it or without too much intention, as I was writing it I certainly allowed my mind to wonder where it would naturally and I think a lot of the tropes from different genres of movie. Heist films, spy films, that kind of thing, they sort of  naturally sit in that world.”

Don’t let the filmmakers’ affection for Bond make you think he’ll move on to that legendary franchise. While a director is still needed for the next untitled James Bond adventure, Nolan is expected to begin shooting his third “Batman” film sometime next year for a July 20, 2012 release.

“Inception” debuts nationwide and in IMAX on July 16.

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