Chris Pratt says he’ll never see ‘Jurassic World’ the way fans will

06.08.15 2 years ago

At the end of the press junket for “Jurassic World,” there was a photo posted by one of the guys who runs the junkets of two kegs. One was PBR, the other was Dos Equis. Not the most expensive gesture in the world, but one that speaks volumes. Pratt sees how hard these guys work at these things, and it's non-stop for days at a time. He didn't have to do anything for the crew, but the gesture says that Pratt recognizes that he may be the movie star, but he's standing on a lot of backs to reach that spotlight.

The first time I met Pratt, I was in an elevator in San Francisco, checking into my hotel, there for a set visit to “The Five-Year Engagement.” At that point, I knew Pratt from “Parks and Rec” only, and we started talking. He was super-gracious and effusive, and the same was true later that evening when I ran into him on the set.

I was in London for “Guardians Of The Galaxy” as well, and talking to Pratt on that set, I was struck by just how serious he seems to be now about the craft itself. He's still incredibly nice and easy to chat with, but he also seems to be focused now on making the most of the opportunities he's given.

At the press day, I watched a steady line of interviewers go in before me. I saw people ask for selfies. I saw people ask him repeatedly to give up story details on “Guardians Of The Galaxy 2.” I saw people ask the same few questions in almost identical words. And through all of it, Pratt stayed funny, charming, and intent on answering every question like it was the first time it had been asked.

I think he's going to be around a while.

“Jurassic World” arrives in theaters Friday.

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