‘Chuck’ decision not expected on Monday

05.02.09 9 years ago


Fans of NBC’s beloved bubble show “Chuck” have been pointing to Monday (May 4) as the show’s Day of Destiny. The wait may continue.

While NBC is still set to make its Infront Presentation to advertisers on Monday, sources close to the “Chuck” production tell HitFix that the Infront will include no final word on the action-comedy’s fate. The source emphasizes that the absence of word on Monday shouldn’t be taken as either positive or negative.

“Chuck” fans have been working frantically to push for the show’s renewal, mobilizing a Subway purchasing campaign and prepping to send the fruit candy Nerds to NBC per the request of series co-creator Josh Schwartz. The consumption of $5 footlongs and the mailing of tart-n-crunchy sweets will apparently have to continue.

Word at the end of last week was that the chances for a “Chuck” renewal were positive after the creative team pitched NBC on a third season, but the network’s most recent semi-official renewal was for the freshman police procedural “Southland.” “Chuck” fans should note that after three weeks of dipping ratings, demo numbers for “Southland” fell below demo ratings for recent “Chuck” episodes. Take that as you will.

HitFix attempted to contact spokespeople at both NBC and Warner Brothers TV after learning of the “Chuck” delay.

Sources at WBTV would only say that the studio had not yet heard any word on the show’s fate.

As of Saturday morning, NBC sources had not yet responded.

[UPDATE: Zachary Levi tells E! that it may take a week for any official word on “Chuck.”]

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