Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt plus five others = The Magnificent Seven

07.20.16 1 year ago

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If your village was in trouble, you'd want Denzel Washington on your side. You'd take Chris Pratt, too. That's some star power. The other five, I think you'd accept only if you knew for sure Denzel and Pratt were coming with them. No bait and switch! You don't want to be left with Ethan Hawke. What if it's the Ethan Hawke during his Lisa Loeb era? Insufferable!

This trailer makes it pretty clear that The Magnificent Seven is two huge stars and five other dudes who may or may not have more than a couple lines. So it's a buddy movie. That becomes clearer and clearer as the last 30 seconds excludes everyone but Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt and explosions. I will see any movie with Denzel in it. I will see most movies with Chris Pratt. Together? It's mandatory viewing. I mean, come on, it's downright un-American to do something else when these two are sharing a screen. If they don't have chemistry then all hope for chemistry is lost and maybe science isn't real after all. 

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