The most Jason Biggs role in the most Jason Biggs movie ever made

08.05.16 12 months ago

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Let me ask you this, if I could guarantee you that you could watch a special cut of Rogue One this weekend, if, and only if, you watched Amateur Night five times, would you do it? I wouldn't. I really wouldn't. And I'm looking forward to Rogue One more than anyone. By the way, don't go watching this movie five times, it's not a real offer. And more to the point, I don't think this Jason Biggs movie looks very good. 

It's really hard to put together a movie. Even a movie that's crying out for “amateur hour” puns. Trust me on this. Getting anything off the ground that doesn't come with a built-in audience, like a sequel, reboot, or adaptation, it's takes a lot of dedication. But even in this form, I sense a rushed movie. I already don't buy the bit where Jason Biggs has to talk to a group of bro-dudes before the prostitutes make their entrance. I seriously don't know much about how this kind of thing works – I would tell you if I did! – but I'm fairly certain escorts don't need a hype man. Nobody wants a guy celebrating that you are about to pay for sex. And even if you were the kind of John that liked hype men, do you want that man to be Jason Biggs? Even a Jason Biggs who is on the strong end of his typical weak to strong character arc? I'm going to call it and say no. No you don't. 

Also, this is a story about a man who goes out to make some money before his wife gives birth. I don't care how broke you are, your wife does not want you going too far away when you are that close to her due date. I made the mistake of being in a place with low cell reception for 45 minutes two days before labor. I don't how I'm still alive to tell this tale.  

Anyway, all kidding aside, it's your call if you want to see this movie. Obviously. But you won't see me in the theater. Not this time. 

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