Coachella: Who’s In and Who’s Out? Is Ryan Seacrest Right?

01.29.09 9 years ago

So today, that arbiter of hip Ryan Seacrest, posts a Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival line-up on his website and before you can say “Nine Inch Nails,” it’s yanked down. The question is was his uncredited list accurate?

It’s a great list and my hunch is it’s more right than wrong based on some rumors that have been floating around. Among the 130 acts on the slate are the aforementioned Nine Inch Nails, Foo Fighters, Paul McCartney, Franz Ferdinand, Katy Perry, the Black Keys, Ladytron, Gaslight Anthem, Kevin Rudolf, the Killers, Neil Young, TV on the Radio, Glasvegas, Public Enemy, Jenny Lewis, The Ting Tings, Fleet Foxes and Lupe Fiasco.

Usually, the list is public by now-it was announced in mid-January last year. The Los Angeles Times posted that unnamed Coachella officials are calling Seacrest’s list wrong. I asked the publicist and she had little to say other than that she had not seen Seacrest’s list and they had not released anything official yet.

There are a few potential thoughts on some possible inaccuracies in the list- For example, Foo Fighters have said they are taking a break, so why would they play Coachella unless Dave & Co. have had a little change of heart? Poe also seems a strange choice, but Coachella, which takes place April 17-19 at the Empire Polo Grounds in Indio, Calif., is full of strange choices.

My favorite Coachella rumor that I saw on a message board was Britney Spears would play the festival. God knows anything can happen at Coachella and she plays L.A. on April 17 and has April 18 off, so it’s possible. But I doubt that one.

Another rumor that finally seems to be dying down is that David Bowie would recreate his Ziggy Stardust character at Coachella. That rumor was denounced on his website yesterday as “poppycock”- a word used far too infrequently as far as I’m concerned.
As far as to when the official announcement will come- the publicist says she doesn’t know- but my hunch is it will be before the Grammys, so I predict tomorrow or Monday…

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