Watch: Coldplay’s ‘Hurts Like Heaven’ video previews ‘Mylo’ comic book

10.08.12 5 years ago

It was back in June that Coldplay announced they’d be releasing a comic book series based on their album “Mylo Xyloto.” With the drop of the video for newest single “Hurts Like Heaven,” the British band has opened up a sneak peek into its namesake’s start.

The clip is composed of comics panels rendered into 3D views, but not animated in the traditional sense. It follows a fivesome of colorful mischief-makers, oppressed by the overlord Major Minus (which, notably, is the same name as one of the tracks on the album “Mylo Xyloto). They plaster the streets in graffiti as they’re chased, with two of the leaders in love.

See, it seems Major Minus hates sound, color and love. You see how this love story may end. But every comic book hero needs an origin story. At the end, Mylo is made known.

The visuals aren’t quite hand-in-hand with the music — the track itself is one of those rainbow-dripping uplifting numbers — but its all action-packed enough.

“Mylo Xyloto” the comic is a six-part series, and will be out starting in February through Matt Groening’s Bongo Comics. It is written by Chris Martin and the rest of the band, plus “Kung Fu Panda” writer-director Mark Osborne. An all-ages affair, finally.

Coldplay are also preparing the release of “Live 2012,” their concert DVD and album release due on Nov. 20.

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