Coldplay’s new video shows ‘True Love’ comes in all shapes and sizes

08.22.14 3 years ago

While Coldplay undoubtedly meant for its video for “True Love” to come across as sweet, I”m not sure it will strike the same tone for everyone.

The clip features Chris Martin and a female in inflatable suits, which are mean to represent their being overweight. They get shunned wherever they go. For example, Martin tries to get on the bus to go to a baseball game, but gets turned away because of his size. His employer kicks him in the ass for no apparent reason.The girl gets spurned when she tries out at an audition and people in her row look visibly dismayed when she goes to the ballet (and, of course, gets stuck in her seat).

But despite their puffy bodies, they have great dreams, including their love of ballet and their desire to be on stage, so after a performance, Martin”s character dances as he sweeps the stage and the girl, finally able to spring herself  from her seat, take the stage and put on a performance to a full audience. As the video comes to an end, the tag, “Anything is possible” appears.

I”m sure it”s supposed to be the opposite of fat shaming, but it still feels a little tone deaf and a little odd. We”re supposed to be happy for them because they found each other, but wouldn”t it be nicer if the rest of the world accepted them for who they are from the start instead of seeing them as outcasts for their size?

“True Love” is the third single from the group”s current album, “Ghost Stories.”

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