Colin Trevorrow promises ‘Jurassic World 2’ will finally get us off the islands

09.21.15 2 years ago

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If you were a human with eyes and $20 worth of disposable income this summer, chances are you saw “Jurassic World.” The timey-wimey sequel to the “Jurassic Park” franchise became a global box office phenomenon, raking in more money than any film in history and all but ensuring plenty of dinosaur sequels in our immediate future.

Which is why it should come as no surprise that director Colin Trevorrow was asked about “Jurassic World 2” during a recent podcast. Without giving away any details, Trevorrow revealed the thesis for the second film in what is now set to be a trilogy.

And it”s all based on a “Jurassic Park” quote.

I did look at it as a trilogy from the very beginning and we designed the whole thing that way. Honestly? The trilogy is articulated in “Jurassic Park” [quotes]. “Jurassic World” is all based on Ian Malcolm”s quote, “You stood on the shoulders of geniuses to accomplish something as fast as you could and before you knew what you had, you”d packaged it and slapped it on a plastic lunchbox and now you want to sell it.” That to me IS “Jurassic World.” That”s why I had all the product placement, that”s what it was. The second one – “Jurassic World 2” – we tried to find the foundation: “dinosaurs and man separated by 65 million years of evolution have been thrown back into the mix together. How can we know what to expect?” That”s me paraphrasing.

That”s why its exciting the movie did well. That leaves us a lot of room to run. Now that [“Jurassic World”] did well, we get to play that out.

For those wondering, the quote Trevorrow paraphrased is when Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) has reservations about the validity of cloning species extinct long before humans ever walked the Earth. “Jurassic World 2” will take its thesis from these words of warning:

“The world has just changed so radically, and we're all running to catch up. I don't want to jump to any conclusions, but look… Dinosaurs and man, two species separated by 65 million years of evolution have just been suddenly thrown back into the mix together. How can we possibly have the slightest idea what to expect? “

Trevorrow went on to say both Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard”s characters will be returning and Howard will remain the central character of the trilogy. But changes are afoot. For everyone who thought “Jurassic World” was setting up a military future for the now inexplicably evil Dr. Wu, this might be the smoking gun you were looking for.

We made [“Jurassic World”] with the fans very much in mind and I”m not going to forget that. But we”ve seen a lot of ‘dinosaurs chasing people around on an island” movies. And I think you guys and the general audience are going to be down to explore where else we can go. Owen is going to be in it, Claire is in it and neither are going to be in the same place we left them in the first movie.

So there you go folks. When we have mercenaries sending tiny Indominus Rex clones into battle while Pterodactyls eat suburban families and Mosasaurus terrorize the coastlines like RoidRage Jaws, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Want more details? Check out the podcast in its entirety below!

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