Comedian David Brenner, a Johnny Carson ‘Tonight Show’ favorite, dies at 78

03.15.14 4 years ago

Comedian David Brenner, a Johnny Carson “Tonight Show” favorite, dies at 78
Brenner, known for his observational comedy style, had been a Caron staple since 1971,  making more than 150 appearances. He also briefly hosted his own talk show in 1987. Watch Brenner's first “Tonight” appearance from Jan. 8, 1971. PLUS: Watch Brenner's talk show with guest Howard Stern and Stern's mom. “Great guy who was always encouraging and in my corner,” Stern tweeted today. Added Steve Martin: “Loved David Brenner. He gave me good advice early in my career (which I wrote about in my autobio). A gentleman, and really, really funny.”

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