Comic-Con 2015: Check out this awesome ‘Star Wars’ steampunk cosplay

07.09.15 2 years ago

Emily Rome

It”s San Diego Comic-Con time, and the cosplayers are out in full force (no “Star Wars” pun intended here). One fantastic-looking duo we spotted: steampunk Leia and Darth Maul.

Eiraina Schmolesky and Shaylor Duranleau of Temecula, Calif. are the cosplayers behind “Baron Von Maul” and “Steamy Leia,” as they call their steampunk take on the “Star Wars” characters. They originally made the outfits for this year”s WonderCon.

Among the fun details on their costumes: Duranleau”s mask, which he created by painting a fencing mask. He cut out holes to add the goggles and added copper horns to finish off the look.


He also made a lightsaber out of a copper pipe.


“Mine's a bit of Frankensteining,” Schmolesky said. “I take a piece from here, a piece from there, a piece from a thrift store and something from my closet and throw it together.”


Schmolesky”s and Duranleau”s talents and interests together made this cosplay possible.

“I was really into 'Star Wars,' and she was really into steampunk,” Duranleau said. “I”m actually a master plumber, so I know about old steam systems I used to work on back East. I taught her about the functionality of piping, and she taught me about the cosmetics stuff.”

You can see Schmolesky featured in the steampunk documentary “Steam Dream.”

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