Commentary: Did MTV get it right with the VMA nominations? We’re not so sure

08.03.10 7 years ago

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Unlike last year when she had major competition from Beyonce, in many ways Lady GaGa has the field to herself for this year”s MTV Video Music Awards, which air Sept. 12.

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Even before the first Moon Man is handed out, Lady GaGa has already made the record books, landing 13 nods, more than any other artist in history. She breaks a record set by Missy Elliott in 2001.

Is she deserving?  We say a resounding yes. No artist since Madonna has put so much effort and thought into videos. Lady GaGa has almost singlehandedly revived the moribund genre. Not every video is a winner-we”re not a fan of “Alejandro”-but there is no doubt that both “Bad Romance” and “Telephone” (with Beyonce) deserve their slots in the Video of the Year category.
Here are a few areas that left us scratching our heads:

Katy Perry: Perry”s “California Gurls,” a veritable love fest to the game “Candyland,” is fun and not predictable in any way. Why the shut out in video of the year? Yes, the clip got plenty of other slots and Florence + the Machine”s “Dog Days are Over” clip is fun, but we would have given that slot to “Gurls” or to MGMT”s truly wacky “Flash Delirium.”

Justin Bieber: Bieber”s clip for “Baby” just replaced Lady GaGa for the most viewed video ever at YouTube with something like 245 million views and that doesn”t even get him a best pop video, best collaboration (with Ludacris) or best male video? Sure, his videos are not the most exhilarating or creative-and, in some ways, we understand his not getting a ton of nominations, but slotting him only in best new artist seems a bit of a slap.

Rihanna: Just like Britney fans cried foul last year when they felt their pop princess got short shrift (although she received seven nominations), this year Rihanna really got left out of the party. “Rude Boy” got a nod for best editing, but that”s it. Really? We know she hasn”t had great radio success with “Rated R,” but surely “Rude Boy” deserved a nod for best female video or the daring “Rock Star,” for the Slash imitation alone.

Big Boi: No “Shutterbugg?” No nothing? How did that happen?
Janelle Monae: what does she have to do to get the attention she deserves?  “Tightrope” is nominated for best choreography, which is definitely should be, the clip should also be up for best collaboration, best female (unless Big Boi”s participation knocks her out of that) and even for video of the year.

B.o.B.: He got more than his fair share of video nods, which makes it all the more strange that he got left out of the best new artist competition-he”s clearly the most nominated of all the newcomers this year.

Who do you feel got slighted?

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