Conan O’Brien’s David Bowie tribute reminds us how funny he was

01.12.16 2 years ago

Most of the late night hosts paid tribute to David Bowie last night/early this morning, but only one actually had him on his show. That's because, with the exception of Conan O'Brien, all of today's late night hosts came into the game after Bowie basically stopped doing interviews. 

O'Brien gave us some clips of Bowie's appearances, pointing out that Bowie was indeed a “phenomenal musician,” but he was also “incredibly nice” and “always funny.”

And with that, we got a montage of Bowie making fun of O'Brien's bald audience member, performing a familiar tune accompanied by O'Brien on the guitar (until O'Brien's G string breaks), doing a killer Tom Brokaw impression, and performing “Hickory Dickory Dock,” Bowie-style.

O'Brien didn't even show all of his Bowie clips. I found a few more (also a claymation version of an appearance) including one where Bowie admits his true feelings about Cincinnati, showing that though he was otherworldly in so many ways, he was just like the rest of us humans when it comes to Cincinnati. 

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