Cosplay Spotlight – Frozen’s Elsa by Dakun Cosplay


Cosplay is the art of dressing up as one of your favorite fictional characters. It can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it. But some cosplayers go above and beyond! Every Tuesday, we feature one of these dedicated hobbyists, along with some information about their chosen cosplay. This week the spotlight is on Dakun Cosplay and his fierce King Elsa genderswap*.

*Genderbent cosplay is when a person switches the character's sex so that it fits the cosplayer's gender.

What's your name?

Hi there! My name's Daniel, but in the cosplay world you can call me Dakun!

What made you want to cosplay as this?

I'm a huge fan of Disney movies and characters. When “Frozen” came out I was mindblown by Elsa's personality, as well as her story and appearance (hey I love you too, Anna!). I wanted to cosplay her so much, but I didn't think I would look good in her crystal dress…That's why I opted for a genderswapped version and became The Snow King…And I loved it!

How long did it take to create the costume?

The Coronation Version (above) didn't take much, maybe a week and a half. The long part was the symbol Elsa has in her bodice, which was hand embroidered. The Snow King version (below) was commissioned and finished in a few weeks non-stop.

How much did it cost?

Sorry, I don't know if I can say the exact amount…I also don't think it matters..!

Do you have favorite comic-con memory from this cosplay?

Actually…I don't ahahah. At least not if it's comic-con related. But I have great memories from the photo set I made for the Coronation Version. I went with a photographer and a friend who cosplayed female Kristoff up into the mountains, in the snow! It was so cold, I was freezing! Now I know how Anna felt when she went in the winter woods with her dress. Anyway, the photos came out beautifully and I truly had a wonderful time.

You can check out more of Daniel”s cosplay photos on his WorldCosplay webpage!

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