Courtney Love reforms Hole

06.18.09 8 years ago

Courtney Love will release her new album under her former band name, Hole.

It’s been a long time coming and Love has been working on “Nobody’s Daughter” since 2006, but she tells NME that the album may come out by year’s end. The current edition of “Nobody’s Daughter” looks to be a collection of songs from all the different incarnations the project has been through starting with producer/writer Linda Perry (which we though was a brilliant pairing).

Then, NME reminds us, after that dissolved, Love went to London to record with a band. The one remaining holdover from that effort is guitarist Micko Larkin.  After writing with Larkin, Love decided that she was in a rock frame of mind and reformed Hole, bringing back Hole bassist Melissa auf der Maur. Larkin replaces Hole co-founder Eric Erlandson

The album, which does include some of the earlier compositions Love wrote with Perry, as well as some of her efforts penned with Billy Corgan, is near completion.  No label deal has been announced.

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