‘Creed’ meets Rocky in goosebump-inducing new trailer

Senior Television Writer

MGM released a new trailer for “Creed,” the “Rocky” spin-off reuniting director Ryan Coogler with his “Fruitvale Station” star Michael B. Jordan, and focusing on the early boxing career of Apollo Creed's son.

As trailers for projects trying to appeal to multiple generations go, this is pretty splendid. There are enough nods to the original “Rocky” movies to induce chills in anyone who's seen them all (other than the one we all agree never happened) multiple times, but the focus is still on Jordan (Sylvester Stallone doesn't appear at all in the first half) and young Creed's struggles to live up to the legacy of the father he didn't really know. Plus, there's a bonus “Wire” season 1 reunion.


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