CulturePop No. 37 – Maureen Judge, director of ‘Living Dolls’

and 02.13.14 4 years ago

Makin' Movies

Another week, another awesome guest. This time around, Melinda and I got a chance to talk to Maureen Judge, the director of “Living Dolls.” To say it’s a documentary about doll collectors is too limiting. We meet a man who collects sex dolls a la “Lars and the Real Girl,” a woman who is driving her family into bankruptcy with her compulsive collecting, a gay man who idolizes Barbie, and an artist who “mutilates” old Barbies in the name of art. These aren’t people you’d likely meet in a room together. We talked to Judge about how she found these quirky characters, what she learned — and we got a few of her Oscar picks, too.

While I’m not posting a rundown for this podcast, I am posting a video clip from the documentary, which aired on Logo in the United States and is now on the festival circuit. Here’s a glimpse of male sex doll collectors getting together to share their passion for plastic. 

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