Watch: Daft Punk launches video series on making-of ‘Random Access Memories’

04.03.13 5 years ago

The members of Daft Punk like to hold onto their relative anonymity, yet want to promote the hell out of their next studio effort “Random Access Memories.” So now they’ve launched a video channel to feature the album’s various collaborators. Problem solved.

Up first to bat: legendary dance producer, label founder and studio-starter Giorgio Moroder, who regales viewers with tales on the come-uppance of dance music, working with disco queen Donna Summer and mentions he’s working on a little “rap” with Daft Punk on “Memories.”

And like Daft Punk itself, the clip has a high production value, and is nicely educational! Pencils down.

“I didn’t have any idea of what the future was,” Moroder says in the video of the surge in dance recordings’ popularity. He amps up Daft Punk for putting a “human touch” back into the genre, noting the key to making great dance tracks is to “do it in a way that’s not done that’s just pushing a note or a chord. It’s nice and full… it’s time to have something new in the dance world.”

Stay tuned to the Creators Project’s YouTube page for more interviews.

Daft Punk had the help of co-composer Joe Trapanese to spread the “Tron” soundtrack gospel; that set dropped in 2010.

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