‘Daily Show’ sets John Oliver takeover, Jon Stewart return

05.01.13 5 years ago

Comedy Central

Comedy Central has set a June start date for John Oliver’s run as host of “The Daily Show,” as well as a September return for Jon Stewart.
As was previously announced, Stewart will be taking eight weeks off this summer in order to direct his first feature film, “Rosewater,” during which time he’ll be replaced by long-time “Daily Show” correspondent John Oliver.
Oliver will take over “The Daily Show” starting on June 10, with guest Seth Rogen. Across the rest of that first week, Oliver will be joined by Armando Iannucci (June 11), a musical performance by Mavis Staples (June 12) and Fareed Zakaria (June 13). 
“Don’t worry, it”s still going to be everything that you love about ‘The Daily Show,’ just without the thing that you love the most about it,” Oliver blurbs.
Don’t worry, though. Stewart will return and Comedy Central doesn’t want to leave viewers dangling on that front. “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” will get Stewart back on Tuesday, September 3.

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