Dakota Fanning may join ‘Twilight’ sequel

01.22.09 9 years ago 3 Comments


Dakota Fanning is reportedly in talks to take on a vampy role in “New Moon,” the sequel to the blockbuster “Twilight.”

According to Marc Malkin of E! Online, the 14-year-old Fanning is in negotiations with Summit to play Jane in “New Moon,” which will begin production in March, heading toward a Nov. 20 release date. 

“New Moon” will feature returning stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.

Jane is part of the Volturi coven, an ancient group of vampires who set the rules and regulations for all bloodsuckers worldwide. Although she’s deceptively diminutive and young-looking, Jane has a terrifying ability to make victims think they’re in pain.

Just like Dakota Fanning?

Malkin says that Fanning didn’t even need to audition for the role, that it’s been offered and both sides are just trying to hammer out specifics. 

Fanning was most recently seen in “The Secret Life of Bees.” She has “Push” and the vocal lead in “Coraline” set for early 2009. “Push” is also a Summit release.

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